Sterling Trucks - Financing

The performance of your business depends on so much more than just the performance of your equipment or fleet. You need a truck that works for you and you need the same from your financial partner.

Daimler Truck Financial is your work partner. Our customized financing packages recognize your cash flow needs and fold in things like insurance and tax planning to help you maximize your investment well beyond what happens between the bumpers.

With over 30 years in the truck financing industry, Daimler Truck Financial understands your lifestyle needs both behind the wheel and at home. That means we can get you into the right truck, at the right price, with rates that are competitive with any funding source, including banks. Because we know the transportation and vocational business,
it is easy to do business with us, simple to obtain the finance or lease structure you need, and the perfect way to acquire the Sterling vehicle you want.

We also offer other special and unique finance and lease products and structure flexibility specific to the trucking industry that banks simply don't understand. And we can turn our credit decision around quickly. Maybe that's why Daimler Truck Financial finances more Sterling vehicles than anyone in the business.

For more information about the finance options that can help you get more out of your Sterling truck,
visit Daimler Truck Financial (United States) or Mercedes-Benz Canada.

Visit your local Sterling dealer today.

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